Sorcerer of Hades Erebus


Many know of the majestic beauty of the Emerald City, but few are aware of the tremendous power lurking below its surface. Erebus, however, is one of them. The sorceress plans to steal the power and use it for her own personal gain. Even now, she's amassing her forces to take over the city.

Additional InfoEdit

  • Sorcerer of Hades Erebus is a secret raid boss in the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Raid Event. When defeated, the discovery bonus is the Sapphire Key x8, and all participants with at least 1 million damage receive the Sapphire Key x2 and an Extravagent Wand x1. It has 10 million HP, takes 2x damage and has a 2-hour time limit.
  • Artwork by Youngkyo Jung.


Name OriginEdit

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