Soaring Daybreaker Pallas


Pallas approaches from the east with the rising of the sun, and departs to the west when it sets. She always follows a path set by the clouds, but under no circumstances should you obstruct her. She will dole out punishment if you ruin her temper, and if you hold ill intent, she will run you through with her spear on the spot.


Added on January 4, 2013 to the Blessings From Heaven Card Pack.

Name OriginEdit

In Greek mythology, Pallas was the daughter of Triton. Acting as a foster parent to Zeus’s daughter Athena, Triton raised her alongside his own daughter. During a friendly fight between the two goddesses, Athena was protected from harm by Zeus but mortally wounded Pallas. Out of sadness and regret, she created the palladium, a statue in the likeness of Pallas.

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Tsuyoshi Nagano.

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