Smogvale Plebian Jacque


Jacque was born in a land that naturally produced poisonous miasma. As it could be used as ingredients for magical spells, it was sold at a high price to sorcerers. However, only the wealthy merchants reaped the lion's share of the profits while the workers who toiled under hazardous conditions received a pittance. Resultantly, the upper crust enjoyed luxury in the safety of their glass-domed towers while the poor resorted to crude masks to stave off the detrimental effects of the gas. Although the disheartened people accepted the impassable gap, the young Jacque harbored an ever-burning resentment...


Added on July 4, 2016 as bonus in the Liberty Stamp Promo.

Name originEdit

Is "Plebian" a misspelling of "Plebeian"?

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