Sledgehammer Judge Igor


Igor did not work for the Shadow King. He was a god with a mission. When the end of the world drew near, he would destroy the world with his sledgehammer. "It has been determined that this world must be destroyed..." Igor believed this prophesy, but there was ont thing that didn't sit well with him. The impending day of reckoning had arrived sooner than he thought it would.


Added on September 30, 2013 during Starless and Bible Black Raid Event:

  • Half-time Ranking Reward 501-1,500 (x2),
  • Final Ranking Reward 15,001-19,999.
  • Defeat Greedy Goblin King.

Name OriginEdit

Igor is a masculine name mainly used in the Czech, Italian, Polish, Russian, Slavic, and German languages. Variant of George (Inglish), Ivor (Slavic), Ingvar, Ingvyar (Scandinavian). Is of Old Greek ("farmer, earth-worker") and Old Norse (Warrior of peace; Ing's warrior. Ing was the Norse god of peace and fertility) origin.

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Piotr Jablonski.

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