Silver Maiden Priscilla


The lovely maiden Priscilla, resident of another dimension, was moved the first time she laid eyes on the land of Neotellus. Unlike the twisted, unsightly world she was raised in, the majesty of this other planet was almost too much to bear. As she travelled through a forest, she came across a spring and cleansed her body in its clear waters. The silvery strands of her long hair that clung to the radiant whiteness of her skin created the very visage of elegance.


  • Individual reward for players ranking 1-1,000 (iOS) / 1-400 (Android) during the Wicked World odyssey event.
  • Guild reward for guilds ranking 1, 2, 4-20 (iOS) / 1-4 (Android) during the Wicked World odyssey event.
  • Individual reward for collecting 160,000 (iOS) / 100,000 (Android) Dimensional Locks in the Wicked World odyssey event.

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