Shurala the Supreme


Creating a land of peace with his own hands - this was Monplize's vision, and Shurala was his most stalwart advocate. That is, until she realized that he planned to have her killed once his vision became reality. She managed to escape, but her former partner branded her a traitor and sent assassins to end her life. Wherever Shurala went, the blades of her would-be killers were never far behind.


Added on April 10, 2014 during League of Shadows Odyssey Event:

  • For defeating Shurala the Supreme Boss.
  • Final Rank 1,001-1,999, 4,001-6,999.
  • Guild Rank 21-50, 51-200.

Name originEdit

Shurala posibly can be a feminine form of Shurale (Cyrillic: Шүрәле or Шурале, Tatar: Şüräle, Turkish: Şürele), a male monster (a forest demon) in Bashkir and Tatar mythology. According to legends, Şüräle lives in forests. He has long fingers, a horn on its forehead, and a woolly body, he can shapeshift into many different forms. He lures victims to a thicket and has many tricks, including leading peasants astray, making them sick, or tickling them to death.

Additional InfoEdit

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