Serpent Tamer Eridanus


Legend tells of a serpent living within the Milky Way that is, in actually, Eridanus's other half. When swimming within its stars, soft ripples of glittering stardust are left in its wake. The people of Neotellus believe that whoever should witness this miracle shall find love.


Added Feburary 17, 2013 as part of the Escort of Maidens Series card pack.

Name OriginEdit

Eridanos or Eridanus (Ancient Greek "amber"), a river in Greek mythology, somewhere in Central Europe, which was territory that Ancient Greeks knew only vaguely. There have been various guesses at which real river was the Eridanos: these include the Po River in north Italy, and the Rhone, in France. Eridanus, a southern constellation was named after it, it is represented as a river.

Additional InfoEdit

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