Seeking King of Brutes


Pandemonium reigned throughout the kingdom. The frail humans had perished, spirits were everywhere, and the demons had been driven to madness. Yet, within the unceasing tumult, there remained but a single hope, and he knew that it was his duty to find it. Or rather, to find her, a young girl who possessed the ability to commune with the wailing dead and mindless fiends, and the sole recipient of all his love.


Added on July 11, 2014 as a Reward during Half Life Odyssey Event:

  • Boss Defeat Reward - Round 100.
  • Final Ranking 4,001-6,999.
  • Guild Ranking 51-100, 101-200.

Name originEdit

Brute is a nonhuman creature, beast; a brutal, insensitive, or crude person; not characterized by intelligence or reason; irrational.

Additional InfoEdit

Boss in 19th Chapter during Half Life Odyssey Event.

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