Scorch Demon Amato


The demon Amato was born within the space-time rift created by Lorentz. Amato possessing an unlimited amount of heat within his body, which piqued Lorentz's interest. "Where in the world did this demon come from?" he wondered. How had he emerged from the nothingness of the rift? How did he survive in a realm with no food to speak of?


Added on September 12, 2013 as a Reward during The Time Warp Odyssy Event:

  • Final Rank 4,001-6,999.
  • Guild Rank 51-200.
  • Clear island 100.

Name originEdit

Amato is an Italian masculine name of Latin origin; the meaning is "beloved, lovable; God's love; friendship". Derived from Latin Amatus "beloved". A variant of Amadeus (English and German), Amando (French and Italian), Amyas (English and Italian).

Additional InfoEdit

Boss in 19th Chapter in The Time Warp Odyssy Event.

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