Saya the Peacecaller


As Saya stepped down from the palanquin, all could sense her noble presence. Putting an end to their quarrelling, they chose instead to admire her graceful form. In fact, none dared even to show their irritation or frustration in front of Saya. Though she lacked capabilities in combat, she was known as a protector for the absolute peace that abounded wherever she went.


Added on December 30th, 2014 as a part of New Year's Grab Bag 10 Card PAck.

Name originEdit

Saya is a Japanese female given name, which refers to a scabbard or sheath for a sword. Beyond being a simple noun, Saya connotes peace because of the image of a sword that remains in its scabbard. Its meaning varies on the kanji used – among others: "blossom".

Additional InfoEdit

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