Satar, Awaiting the End


After losing his fight against the gods and being banished to the furthest reaches of the planet, the titan Satar simmered in solitude, eagerly awaiting the end of times. The deities of the land had expelled his kind from the land and left them to wander the barren wastelands, and he would make sure they received their due. So he awaited the coming of the apocalypse, his smoldering resentment growing more intense with each passing day. The blaze of his vengeance would engulf the entire world, including himself.


Added on March 23, 2014 a part of March Mayhem Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Satar is of Arabic origin, the meaning is "Veiler (of sin)".

Additional InfoEdit

Special Skill Card for Liquid Swords Odyssey Event.

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