Samael, Serpentine Devil


Three demons are known as the lords of their kind: Satan, Lucifer, and Bael. Yet none of them can match the intense evil that festers within Samael. The hellfire and infernal serpents under her command unleash unbearable pain and anguish upon the worthless mortals. The sights of humans being subjected to such torment brings a wicked smile of ecstasy to her face. Her infamous sadistic tendencies make her feared among even the mightiest devils.


Added November 15, 2013 to the Blazing Discovery Card Pack.

Added to the LCP.

Name originEdit

Samael (Hebrew: סמאל‎) (Severity of God) (also Sammael or Samil) is an important archangel in Talmudic and post-Talmudic lore, a figure who is accuser, seducer and destroyer, and has been regarded as both good and evil. It is said that he was the guardian angel of Esau and a patron of the Roman empire.

He is considered in Talmudic texts to be a member of the heavenly host (with often grim and destructive duties). One of Samael's greatest roles in Jewish lore is that of the angel of death. He remains one of the Lord's servants even though he appears to want men to do evil. As a good angel, Samael resides in the seventh heaven, although he is declared to be the chief angel of the fifth heaven, the reason for this being the presence of the throne of glory in the fifth heaven.

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