Sachez, Sin Preventer


Through the great guardian angel's eyes, Sachez saw the potential of all human beings, and it taught her of the crimes to be committed. "The seeds of evil have been planted within," it beckoned. "Now is the time... we must act." Sachez would nod her head in assent, and the angel would pluck the life from the world. She always questioned whether there had truly been such a need kill those so young, but, as the death toll by her hands mounted, she was unable to speak the words.


Added on February 25, 2015 as a part of Berzerker Rush 13 Card Pack. Highest ATK/DEF Ranking Reward Card for 1st (x2), 2-5rd (x2), 6-40th (x2), 41-80 (x2), 81-130th, 121-250 Places plus for 1st Place in the lowest. Altogether 330 cards for final ranking + 79 more cards for Lucky Number Rank.

Name originEdit

Sachez is probably a Spanish surname.

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Songjjang100.

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