Sabrina, Repaying Debt


As the sounds of the skirmish reached her ears, Sabrina furled her brow. For a time she was deep in thought as she leaned against the inn's terrace railing, indifferent of the fact the tattoo marking her as a criminal was exposed. The final, blunt orders of the one who had protected her from her attackers had been for her to flee the castle and meet up with members of the Insurgence. Yet Sabrina could not let go of the evident apprehension she head in Chalon's voice.


Added on March 1, 2015 as a final reward during Heart of Chaos Raid Event, altogether 6,500+ cards:

Name originEdit

Sabrina is an Czech, English, German, and Italian feminine name. Latinized form of Hafren (Welsh; Old Welsh: Habren), the original Welsh name of the River Severn. According to Geoffrey of Monmouth, Hafren or Sabrina was the name of a princess who was drowned in the Severn. Supposedly the river was named for her, but it is more likely that her name was actually derived from that of the river, which is of uncertain meaning, possibly "slow-moving" or "boundary". According to legend, Sabrina lives in the river, which reflects her mood; she rides in a chariot and dolphins and salmon swim alongside her. The later story suggests that the legend of Sabrina could have became intermingled with old stories of a river goddess or nymph.

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