Rozet, Seeking Perfection


A resident of Hades, the beautiful demon knight Rozet had been born the daughter of both demon and man. Owing to her inherited black magic and exceptional talents with the sword, Rozet secured numerous victories in combat, through which she garnered quite the reputation. Yet, despite this, the demons she lived among despised her mixed blood, and could not stand to see her outclass them. Rozet cared not, for she had already decided to complete her quest to rid herself of all that was human.


Added on April 28, 2014 as a part of Dusk of Survival Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Rozet is a Swedish creative spelling of French feminine name Rosette, diminutive form of Rose (French, German, English, Danish) variant of Rosa. Rosa was a popular flower name for girls in 19th century, derived from Latin word rosa meaning "rose".

Additional InfoEdit

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