Rowen the Invincible


Rowen felt a great deal of pride in his flawless battle record. Since his youth he had lost not even a single fight. No matter how savage the enemy, he would always emerge victorious. And while the people lauded him as a hero, he appeared a monster in the eyes of other knights. The common folk's folly was all too clear when they elected him king, for, it was impossible for so brutish a warrior to see to the needs of others.


  • Released as part of the Master of Fate 5 Box Card Pack, August 18, 2014. Can be drawn only with UR Exchange Ticket.
  • Rereleased on December 7, 2014 as a Returning UR in the Chains of Vengeance 15 Card Pack.
  • Rereleased on January 9, 2015 in the Dragon's Hoard 8 Box Card Pack, drawnable only with UR Exchange Ticket.
  • Available in LCP

Name originEdit

Rowen is a variant spelling of an English and Irish masculine name Rowan; of Celtic origin, derived as a topographic name for someone who lived by a rowan, the meaning is "red-haired; little red-head; ruddy one". Feminine name Rowen has the meaning "red-berry tree".

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by songjjang100.

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