Retaliating Brynhildr


Hubris was unpardonable, regardless of how impressive or vital one's past contributions were. Brynhildr, leader of the valkyries, was cast from the Heavens. Though stripped of honor, Brynhildr still possessed the will of a divine soldier. The demons of the Netherworld roared in joy, reaching up to drag her into the abyss. Lightning rent the sky, as if the Heavens themselves were mourning.


Added on June 23, 2014 as a new type of Special Evolution Card in Master of Fate 3 Card Pack. Acquired by drawing an UR Exchange Ticket from the Box.

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Brynhildr (also spelled Brunhild, Brünnhilde, Brynhild) is a shieldmaiden and a valkyrie in Germanic mythology. The history of Brynhildr includes fratricide, a long battle between brothers, and dealings with the Huns.

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