Rena, Delivering Gifts


Old or young, all had heard the tales surrounding the red-hooded windwalker who went around delivering presents from a burlap sack each Christmas Eve. Her wide grin brought warm, fuzzy feelings to whoever happened to see her on a cold, winter's evening. Her presents also never failed to please. What people found most delightful of all, however, was none other than her carefree and caring spirit.


Added on December 22, 2014 as a special Xmas-themed card in the Snowfrost Festival Grab Bag Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Rena is a feminine name of several origins. English Rena is a form of French feminine Renée and masculine René; a short form of an Italian, Polish, Spanish and Portuguese Renata. Derived from Renatus, a first name of Latin origin which means "born again, rebirth, reborn one", where natus is "born". Also short form of Irene and Irena "peace" of Greek origin and others name ending with -rena and -rene.

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