Rejuvenated Hook and Pirate Ship


"It's time for the final showdown!" Captain Hook thinks to himself as he looks over the ship's deck. However, he cannot just simply wait until that detestable Peter Pan arrives to rescue the abducted Wendy. Thorough precaution must be taken to get rid of his arch-nemesis once and for all...


This card is gifted to all players for the Ageless Dreams card pack and during the Never Never Land Raid Event period.

Name originEdit

Captain Hook is a fictional character, and the main antagonist to Peter Pan in J. M. Barrie's novel Peter Pan. He is the captain of the pirates who live in Neverland, and commands a flying ship.

Additional InfoEdit

Evolves with Gold Shimmering Pixie Dust and (Undaunted) Kidnapped Wendy. Evolving this card with one Pixie Dust will result in a power 14 card, two Pixie Dusts will result in a power 15 card, and three Pixie Dusts will result in a power 16 card. Once this card has been evolved with (Undaunted) Kidnapped Wendy, no additional Pixie Dusts may be added.

Rejuvenated Hook and Pirate Ship + Gold Shimmering Pixie Dust -> (Lively) Pirate Crew Ambuscade
(Lively) Pirate Crew Ambuscade + (Undaunted) Kidnapped Wendy -> (Luck) Neverland's Grand Finale

(Lively) Pirate Crew Ambuscade + Gold Shimmering Pixie Dust -> (Solitary) Contemplative Tinkerbell

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