Reformed Marjukka


Many assume Marjukka to be of elven descent by her elongated ears, noble air, and composed demeanor. However, she is undoubtedly one of demonkind. The elegant smile on her face belies her sordid reputation, a cold-blooded commander who once made the heavens tremble at the very mention of her true name. As a result, the gods sealed her power and gave her a new name and residence deep within the forest. Yet the seal will break should she hear her actual title once again.


  • Added on December 11, 2014 as a final highest ranking Reward for the Underworld III Event, same in three divisions, altogether 468 cards: Final rank 3-60 (x2), 61-100.
  • Added to the LCP.

Name originEdit

Marjukka is a Finnish feminine name; a combination of Marja and diminutive suffix‎ -kka. Marja is Dutch and Finnish form of Maria "sea of bitterness", latinazed form of Hebrew Miryam. Also associated with Finnish marja "berry", as in the hyphenated name Marja-Terttu "berry cluster".

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by In-Hyuk Lee.

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