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The Rarity of a card signifies the relative in-game rarity and strength of cryptids. Cards are divided into three basic categories: Common , Rare , and Ultra Rare.


Common cards are the weakest, and can be found in abundance. They can be acquired throughout the game in quests, events, and trade with other players. Common cards can also be acquired through the game's Friendship Pack for Friendship Points. As well, one free common card from the Friendship Pack is given to players daily.

Rare cards are the second strongest, and will usually make up the core of any deck. They can acquired by drawing from the Legends Card Pack using an LCP Claim Ticket, through trade with other players or if you are really lucky, through the Friendship Pack. Additionally, players can acquire rare cards by collecting treasure, and achieving certain ranks in events.

Ultra Rare cards are the strongest, and also the rarest. They can be acquired from special promotional card packs, as well as the Legends Card Pack, though the chances of acquiring one through the LCP are quite slim. They can also be by achieving certain ranks in events. Lastly, players can acquire one though trade, though the price to acquire one by trade is quite high due to their in-game scarcity.

In addition to these basic levels, players may Evolve each category of cards to an evolved version known as EX versions. The following chart illustrates the star rating associated with each category.

Rarity Number of stars
Common 1 Star
Common EX 2 Stars
Rare 3 Stars
Rare EX 4 Stars
Ultra Rare 5 Stars
Ultra Rare Ex 6 Stars

Additional NotesEdit

Unlike other TCGs, you may not Evolve cards beyond their basic Rarity level; Common cards will not evolve to Rare cards, and Rare cards will not evolve to Ultra Rare cards. Referral Cards are an exception to this rule.

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