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This page is a guide for newer players looking to find pricing information on Rare cards in Legend of the Cryptids.

General information Edit

As a newer player, Rare cards will likely make up your mainstays in your deck, since they are considerably more powerful than Common cards, and are easily obtained early in the game. As you begin to get accustomed to trading in the open market, it will soon become apparent that your Rare cards are worth very little to most established players in the game, with most more interested in trading for Ultra Rare cards.

This being said, Rare cards are still sought after by many players, although how much you'll be able to get by trading them will depend on which of three categories they fall under: backline, junk, or collector.

Backline Edit

Due to the Battle mechanics in the game, players are required to have both a frontline and backline. The frontline is made up of five cards who are allowed to activate their Skills in battle. The backline consists of the rest of your cards outside your front five, and who make up the rest of your attack/defense, although they only operate at 80% efficiency and are not allowed to activate their skills.

Due to how common and easily obtainable Rare cards are, they are often used as backline cards by many players. What cards are considered backline will depend on each player, but in general Rare cards with an attack/defense efficiency (attack/defense divided by power requirement) of over 600 are considered backline.

The following is the going rate for backline Rare cards: Updated June 7, 2014

Attack/defense efficiency
700+ Under 700
20-60 ED/PP 5-10 ED/PP

Updated June 7, 2014

Collector Edit

Collector cards can be difficult to classify, but in general they are usually cards sought after for their rarity and artwork, and which were limited time releases and not currently in the Legend Card Pack. As a rule, cards which have been around for at least a year since their initial release, and which feature artwork from popular artists are considered collectors. In particular, old cards featuring female characters are especially valuable.

How much collector cards fetch will depend on how sought after they are by collectors. They can fetch anywhere from 20 potions, to even 20,000 potions.

Junk Edit

"Junk" Rare cards are those whose value is worth too little to bother including as a serious addition to one's own deck. This is a very subjective term, and which cards are considered junk will largely depend on each player. In general most non-collector/non-backline cards are considered junk (with many players considering all Rare cards as junk). That being said, many players still value junk cards as they can be used to help enhance the skill level of more valuable cards, and as such will usually by these cards in bulk.

The following is the going rate for junk:

Price for one junk
0.3 ED/PP

Updated January 3, 2019

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