Rare cards are the second strongest category of cards in the game, with their evolved equivalents being Rare EX cards. While they are relatively more difficult to get than Common cards, they are actually the most abundant type of card in the game in terms of variety. They are signified by three stars found in the lower left hand corner.

In terms of stats, they are stronger than Common cards, but weaker than Ultra Rare cards. They generally have a moderate rate of increase in stats as they level up, though the actual rate depends on the card itself. In addition, their regular versions have a maximum level of 40, and their EX versions have a maximum level of 50. Thus, they have a higher strength potential than common cards.

Because of their moderate strength and relative abundance in comparison the ultra rares, they often make up the core of a player's deck.


Rare cards are usually found by drawing from the Legends Card Pack using an LCP Claim Ticket. On occasion, though, you may also draw them from Friendship Card Packs, though it is rare to do so. They can also be acquired through trade with other players, usually at a higher price than commons, and a lower price than ultra rares. Because of their high demand and rather low supply, they are usually traded in exchange for Energy Drinks or Power Potions, though on occasion they can be had for a large amount of coins.

Rare cards are also obtainable by completing Treasure sets, and by progressing through and achieving certain ranks in events.

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