Rapacious Hunter Etna


So it was another red herring. Years had passed since Etna had become a demon hunter and started on the path towards fulfilling her vendetta, but still had yet to learn of his location. No matter, revenge would come. She assumed a defiant pose, brushing the hair damp with rain away from her eyes and placing her glinting blade on her shoulder. "Come and get it. We'll see who's the last one standing..."


  • Added on June 3, 2014 as a part of Wings of Fantasy 2 Card Pack.
  • Rereleased on January 9, 2015 in the Dragon's Hoard 8 Box Card Pack, drawnable only with UR Exchange Ticket.

Name originEdit

Etna is of Irish and Gaelic origin, a variant of Eithne - the source is a term of praise in poetry among Irish bards. The meaning of Etna is "kernel, nut".

Additional InfoEdit

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