Ralle, Black Maiden


"Listen now, child. If you will use your powers for good they will bring about great things and calamity will be avoided. Use them for evil and a terrible fate will be brought upon others. This, you must always remember." The old prophetess spoke firmly to the young girl whose slightest rage could cause more than a few casualties, knowing she was the only one who could guide her. It was her kindness and love that changed Ralle's fate.


Added on July 8, 2014 as a part of Dragon's Hoard 3 Box Card Pack. Also avaliable in Highest ATK/DEF Score Rankings for 1st (x2) and 2nd place.

Name originEdit

Ralle translates from German as "rail, crake". Rallidae, are a large cosmopolitan family of small- to medium-sized birds. The family exhibits considerable diversity and also includes the crakes, coots, and gallinules. The beak is the most variable feature within the family: in some species it is longer than the head (like the Clapper Rail of the Americas), in others it may be short and wide (as in the coots), or massive (as in the purple gallinules).

Additional InfoEdit

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