Radna of the Dragon Riders


The World Soul that watched over all of Neotellus was protected by a chosen group. Radna took great pride in being one of them. The nobility of her task let her raise her head high. Indeed, she feared nothing whatsoever, not even death. Mounted atop her dragon, she would survey the forgotten lands from the sky every day without fail. In doing so, she contributed to the preservation of the ruin's tranquil slumber.


Added on April 23, 2014 during Primal Scream Raid Event:

  • 60 Bosses Repell.
  • Final Ranking Reward 5,001 - 9,999 and 10,001 - 14,999.
  • From Boss Reward Chest with The Jade Key.

Additional InfoEdit

Boss in 7th and 8th Chapter in Primal Scream Raid Event.

Name originEdit

Radna (pronounced [ˈɾaːdna]) is a settlement in the Municipality of Sevnica in east-central Slovenia. It lies at the confluence of the Mirna River and the Sava River in the historical region of Lower Carniola. The municipality is now included in the Lower Sava Statistical Region.

The village was historically named Tariška vas. There is a large 17th-century mansion in the settlement.

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