The Card Pack uses a brand-new style of Card System! Carries 5x the Drop Rate on all URs and an EXTRAORDINARY Drop Rate on the new UR. Whenever user draws the new UR, he'll receive Items - Orb of Awakening of Crystal of Rebirth - that let him Special Evolve the UR EX! Each Item produce a different result. Whether user chooses "The Mightiest Cryptid" or "The Strongest Beauty"

Volcano-born Flare Dragon
(Skyblaze) Flare Dragon in Flight
Orb of Awakening
Gargautuan flare dragon 2

With Orb of Awakening to (Pyro) Gargantuan Flare Dragon (UR EX) "The Mightiest Cryptid"

Crystal of Rebirth
(Heartblaze) Ravishing Flare Dragon

With Crystal of Rebirth to (Heartblaze) Ravishing Flare Dragon (UR EX) "The Strongest Beauty"

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