Prism-Clad Marion


The souls that lost their lives at sea sleep far below the surface. When their time for reincarnation comes, they turn into rainbow-colored water and gather at an undersea castle ruled by Marion. She dances gracefully as any celestial being, soothing the souls' fatigue from their past life and invigorating them for their next.


Obtainable from July 28, 2013 by drawing a special UR ticket from the Cerulean Essentia Box Pack.

  • Rereleased on January 1, 2014 in the first Grab Bag 1 Card Pack.
  • Rereleased on November 27, 2014 in the Grab Bag 9 Card Pack.

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Marion is an English and French feminine name, later and masculine, and a surname of Latin origin; the meaning is "star of the sea", derived from Latin mare "sea". The name was first derived as a French diminutive of Czech, English, and German Marie introduced to medieval Britain.

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