Prima Donna Carlotta


Carlotta is an up-and-coming actress at the opera house, sharing the spotlight with Christine. Her pristine singing reverberates throughout the auditorium and her dignified acting belies her young age. Whenever she take the stage, all eyes naturally gravitate toward her. Despite having natural talents, she continued to refine her qualities through strict self-discipline. She will not allow her efforts to falter until she becomes the one true star of the opera company.


Added on April 11, 2013 as a part of Phantom's Masterpiece Card Pack.

  • Can be drawn with Bronze Key from Boss Reward Chest during Skies of Fire Raid Event, started on December 26, 2014.

Name originEdit

Carlotta is a fictional minor character from Gaston Leroux's 1910 novel "The Phantom of the Opera". She is a singer hailing from Spain. After she falls ill, Christine Daaé is asked to take her place and debut at a gala at the Opera House. Later in the novel, she is threatened by Erik that if she performs at the Opera House "a great misfortune will strike". She shrugs the warning off and performs anyway. When she does however croaking noises come out of her mouth and the chandelier comes crashing down. Ashamed, she hides from the public view for a few weeks, before making a return to the opera house.

Carlotta is an Italian variant of French, English, German, Dutch and Scandinavian feminine name Charlotte, a feminine diminutive form of Charles. Derived from the Middle High German word karl with the meaning "man, free man". In addition, Italian Carlotta is a diminutive of Carla (English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Latin, and Scandinavian).

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Bruno Wagner.

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