Preserving Angel Niolsel


Niolsel saw the world as a flawless creation, and strove to maintain its perfection. Any deficiency or surplus would set into motion a catastrophic chain of events. To prevent such a horrifying fate, she observed Neotellus closely so that no lives were lost prematurely.


Added on May 10, 2015 as a Reward during Heroes Colosseo XXII Event, altogether 542+ cards:

  • Class SS 6-16 (x2), 31-40 (x2), 51-55 (x2).
  • Class S 2-12 (x2), 21-40 (x2), 61-90 (x2), 91-150.
  • Class A 1-4 (x2), 21-50 (x2), 51-250.
  • Class B 3-15 (x2), 16-30.
  • Class C 2 (x2), 3-5.
  • Battle count reward - 1,250th Battle.

Additional InfoEdit

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