Presents List 1
Presents List 2
Presents List has 2 menus: Presents and Receipt History. Each menu has 4 categories: All, Card, Item, and Funds.



Stores cards aquired from:

1. People gifting you cards
2. Defeating a raid boss
3. Special campaigns
4. Drawing a LCP when your deck is full

Stores items aquired from:

1. People gifting you items
2. Quests
3. Special campaigns

Stores funds (coins & friendship points) aquired from:

1. People gifting you funds
2. Quests
3. Special Campaigns

Receipt HistoryEdit

Tells what you have recently collected from your presents list.


  • Do not collect items from your presents list until needed.
  • Have people gift cards/items to your presents list that you don't need right away.


  • Put your price, iOS or Android, and your username so you can be cheered.

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    • Just want to know about the limit of the presents list. Is it 9999 of each Card type or just 9999 cards or just 9999 of everything???
    • i believe it is 9999 of each specific item/card. i know my presents are over 10k currently
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