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{{Infobox item
'''Power Potions''' or '''PP,''' are items which can be used to fully restore a player's attack and defense points.
|name = Power Potion
|image = Power Potion.png
|type = Unbound (can be traded or gifted)
|effect = Fully restores ATK and DEF points
|use = Currency in [[Trade]]<br />[[Battle]] against another player (PvP)<br />[[Battle]] against a boss
|event = [[Battle Royale]] ♦ [[Raid Event]] ♦ [[Odyssey Event]]
|source = [[Shop]] ♦ [[Quest]] bosses ♦ [[Feats]] ♦ [[Komora Stones]] ♦ [[Crystal Exchange]]
Equivalent to:
* [[Power Potion (Bound)]] (bound version)
* [[Premium Potatoes]]
Unlike their [[Power Potion (Bound)|bound counterparts]], these variants can be traded or gifted to other players. Because of their relative rarity and usefulness, they are often used as a form of currency, along with [[Energy Drink]]s.Most often, they are the main forms of currency in trade, though their relative value depends on the type of events that are ongoing.
==See also==
* [[Half Power Potion]]
* [[Half Power Potion (Bound)]]
* [[Quarter Power Potion (Bound)]]
They can be earned in several ways. Starting from chapter 14 and onwards in the main questline, the unbound variants are given to players as a reward for defeating bosses. As well, they can obtained though trade with other players, usually in exchange for cards, Energy Drinks and [[coins]]. Lastly, players are given an option to purchase energy drinks from the in-game store for [[gems]].
==Additional Info==
*The maximum amount that one can hold is 99,999
*Their worth remains the same.

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