Pining Alma


Alma was thrilled to hear she had been enlisted by her first choice of regiment. Donning the gleaming silver plate, she saw her new blade with its jeweled hilt as a symbol of her devotion to the kingdom. In that moment, Alma felt that all her previous efforts had come to fruition. She also felt a tremendous joy knowing that she would be able to be near her commander, for whom she had long harbored deep feelings of affection. Hoping to prove to him her worth as a soldier and as a woman, she headed eagerly to the training grounds.


Added on June 25, 2014 as Reward during Behind the Lines Raid Event:

  • Final Rank 1,201-1,999 (x2), 2,001-2,999, 5,001-9,999 (x2).
  • Guild Rank 51-200.
  • Can be drawn with Topaz Key from Boss Reward Chest.

Name originEdit

Alma is a feminine name. The name is of debated origin as it used in English, German (variant of Amalia "imitating; work; beloved"), Italian and Spanish (alma "soul"), Hebrew (variant of Alumit and Aluma "maiden, girl; secret") languages. Most likely derived from Latin word almus with the meaning "nourishing, kind". The Latin root word is familiar from the term Alma Mater "fostering mother", the term for a college or university.

Additional InfoEdit

Boss in 4th and 5th Chapters in Behind the Lines Raid Event.

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