Perfect Max, or otherwise referred to as PM, denotes an EX card (Rare EX, Ultra Rare EX, etc.) which had all its constituent cards fully enhanced before evolution, as well as being fully enhanced after evolution, resulting in the maximum possible stats for the evolved card.

Likewise, an EX card which did not have its constituent cards fully enhanced is called an Imperfect or IMP card.

Usage of termEdit

In a normal evolution of 2 cards the "perfect" part refers to both evolver cards having been enhanced completely before evolving. Because they were all enhanced fully before evolving, they would contribute 10% of their stats instead of 5%. Thus the new EX now has "perfect" stats in that it has reached its maximum possible ceiling for both attack and defense.

The percentage of stats contributed differ in a Special Evolve, but all evolver cards have to be enhanced completely before evolving to reach the Perfect Max

The "Max" part simply refers to the EX card being fully enhanced. Once the card is maxed, its stats cannot be increased any further (with the exception of the skill.)

Note that some people consider a perfect max card to also have a skill level of 10, though usage of the term in this regard is rare.

Stats relationsEdit

Apart from a very few number of exceptions, card stats of a normal evolution can be calculated from the base stats:

  • Max   Evolved Stats (PM )  = 3.5 * fresh base stats = 1.4 * RM Stats
  • Max   Regular Stats (RM )  = 2.5 * fresh base stats
  • Base Evolved Stats (PM )  = 1.7 * fresh base stats = 0.68 * RM Stats



The price of PM cards is usually double the price of the base card in Energy Drinks or Power Potions, in addition to a small amount of ED or PP to compensate for the time and Coins spent on enhancing. For example, if the base price of Atum of Vitality was 30 ED, its PM version would be 60 ED plus an additional 1-5 ED to compensate for having the card fully enhanced.

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