Orietta, Vampire's Love


There was still time to save his life. Orietta could not abandon the injured, unconscious young man, despite knowing his true identity. As a werewolf, her sharp senses detected that he was a vampire. While those kind were mortal enemies, his sorrowful countenance filled her heart with compassion.


Added on October 6, 2014 as a Reward for Heroes Colosseo XVI:

  • Class S 46-80 (x2), 121-160 (x2), 161-200, 201-240.
  • Class A 201-400 (x2).
  • Class B 5-15, 31-60 (x2), 61-150 (x2), 151-250.
  • Class C 6-20 (x2), 21-50, 51-100 (x2).
  • Combo reward - 200 ATK wins and 120 DEF wins.
  • Victory count reward - 120 wins.

Name originEdit

Orietta is an Italian feminine name of Latin origin; the meaning is "golden". It is derived from the element aurum with the meaning "gold", aureus "golden". A variant transcription of the Basque and Italian name Oria. Aurea (Latin) is an older form of the name.

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Woochul Lee (atomiiii).

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