Ordained Augusto


For Augusto and his men, protecting the sacred effigy far outweighed protecting the kingdom itself. Suspended above its right hand was a crystal model of Neotellus. Legend foretold that as long as the crystal remained in its proper place, the planet would retain the gods' blessing. There was no shortage of knights who had taken up arms for that cause, whether or not the legends were true. Either way, their leader held faith they were connected to the gods.


Added on October 15, 2014 as a part of Chains of Vengeance 11 Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Augusto is an Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish masculine name of Latin origin; the meaning is "great, magnificient; venerable". Derived from Latin augere "to increase", Ancient Roman name was Augustus. A variant of English, German, Polish, and Scandinavian August.

Additional InfoEdit

Special Skill Card for Battle Royale XXVIII. Negates the effectiveness of opponent's reduction Skills by up to 80% and increases the amount of BR PTs earned by up to 110% when evolved.

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