Ohan the Ruthless


Proud knights. Just knights. Ohan felt that both were fallacies. Despite being a knight himself, he abhorred his own kind; he perceived them as nothing but murderous knaves. He perceived their swords as mere tools with which to take lives. In fact, Ohan felt the knights used their title as a justification for their crimes. And so, in battle, he swung his blade wildly, showing all the minacious nature of his kind.


  • Added on May 16, 2014 as a Final Ranking Reward during Battle Royale XXIII:
    • Individual BR Point Ranking 51-150 (x2), 151-250 (x2), 251-500.
    • Guild BR Point Ranking 1 (x2), 2, 3, 4-5 (x2), 6-8, 9-15 (x2), 16-25, 26-50.
    • Also availiable from Token Box Card Pack.
  • Rereleased on November 24, 2014 as a returning UR in the Archer 11 Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Ohan is a masculine name of Armenian origin, a variant of English John; the meaning is "God is gracious".

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