Odile, Shadow Swan


The black swan Odile had been forgotten by all, and the ensuing loneliness penetrated her core. As she continued to sink into the darkness, she grew only more hidden from the world. While her curse was the same, none, including the lost princess or the gallant prince, acknowledged her existence. As she swam upon the surface of the moonlit lake, the black swan devised some way to be noticed. She wondered if even her black wings would not shine brightly in a world filled with light.


  • Added on December 30th, 2014 as a part of Master of Fate 9 Box Card Pack along with other three characters from the Swan Lake ballet.
  • Highest ATK/DEF Ranking reward for 1st (x2), 2nd and 3-5th Places, altogether 12 cards in two ranking periods.
  • Available in the Grab Bag 10 Card Pack, released on December 30th, 2014.

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Odile is a character in the ballet Swan Lake, the secondary antagonist of the story. She is the daughter of evil sorcerer Von Rothbart and is willing to follow in her father's footsteps. She only appears on the Ball, usually dressed in black and magically disguised as Odette in order to help her father trick Siegfried into breaking his vow of love to Odette. In some productions, Odile is known as the Black Swan and, rather than being magically disguised as her, is actually Odette's evil twin or double.

Odile is a French variant of German feminine name Odelia; derived from the Germanic element odal meaning "fatherland" or aud meaning "wealth, fortune". Also a diminutive of a short form of Germanic compound names beginning with the element od-, ot- "riches". Odilon is a French masculine variant.

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