Odette, Swan Princess


A lone swan floated atop the moonlit lake, the immaculate beauty of its white wings entranced the wandering Prince Siegfried. With his touch, the curse was lifted from Odette and she regained her human form. She fell in love with the prince who had freed her from the spell and cast aside the endless solitude. "I want to remain in your embrace for eternity."


Added on December 30th, 2014 as a part of Master of Fate 9 Card Pack along with other three characters from the Swan Lake ballet.

  • Available with 20-PWR MoF UR Guaranteed Ticket from the Grab Bag 10 Card Pack, released on December 30th, 2014.

Name originEdit

Princess Odette is a character in the ballet Swan Lake, the heroine of the story. She is often referred to as a "tragic heroine" and is always portrayed as vulnerable, gentle, caring, modest and warm-hearted. As the heroine of the story, she has been transformed into a swan by Von Rothbart and can only regain her human form at night. She has many companions under the same spell, who have made her their queen, hence her title "The Swan Queen." She is forced to live by a lake that was magically formed from the tears of her grieving mother after Rothbart kidnapped her. The only way for the spell to be broken is by the power of eternal love between Odette and a young man who will remain faithful to her, for if the vow of eternal love is broken, she will remain a swan forever. When Odette falls in love with Prince Siegfried, hope for her freedom has come at last, until Siegfried is tricked into breaking his vow by Von Rothbart, trapping Odette as a swan forever. To escape the spell, Odette chooses to die and Siegfried chooses to die with her; the lovers drown themselves in the lake and are reunited forever in death.

Odette is a French given name; a combination of Old German name Oda (a female form of Odo or Otto) and diminutive suffix -tte meaning "wealth, fortune"; also a diminutive of a short form of Germanic compound names beginning with the element od-, ot- "riches".

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