Nessatina, Friend to Goblins


Nessatina's master ordered her to exterminate the goblins that lived deep within the forest. But when she confronted them, she noticed that they were guarding a peculiar white object. It was a human skull. "This person must have been a friend of theirs," she realized. At this thought, Nessatina lowered her weapon. She could not kill these goblins, even if it meant defying her lord... something she had never done before.


Nessatina was meant to be a reward for Heroes Colosseo VIII, but the event was cancelled. However, this was only for iOS, as the same event ran on Android as Heroes Colosseo VII.

Before the iOS and Android OS servers merged, this made her, as well as Amadeo, Flying Death God and Edea of Boundless Desire, who were from the same event as rewards, Android-exclusive cards.

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