Necro Summoner Lachelle


Lachelle was left in deep longing and despair, for there existed no greater summoner than herself in the whole of Neotellus. Her master had stated she was just haughty, and so she executed him, thereby eliminating the sole being who could further refine her technique. Detesting her self-imposted loneliness, she attempted to summon him back from the depths of Hades.As the jewel set in her bifurcated staff glowed with a mystic light, she etched a magic circle with its tip, certain her master would return.


  • Added on September 14th, 2015 as a ranking reward for Underworld XI.
  • Individual ranking reward 3-60 (x2) and 61 (x1).

Name originEdit

An African-American name meaning Sweetheart.

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