Nanette, Absorbing Talent


Magic permeated through the runic circle of blood. Descended from a line of powerful sorcerers, since before she could remember, perfection had been demanded of Nanette, but she was as ordinary as they came. So thoroughly had Nanette been harangued that she no longer held even the slightest feeling of pride, and she had searched desperately for any type of magic she could cast. While she had found a particular blood magic used to syphon the talents of others, it was powerless without the cold blood of death.


Added on September 22, 2014 as a part of Master of Fate 6 Box Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Nanette is a French feminine name of Hebrew origin; the meaning is "God was gracious; He has favored me". In French also a diminutive form of Anne (Ann, Anna), in English of name Nan (Nancy).

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