Naive Harbinger Magdalena


Magdalena had once been innocent to a fault. Unaware of her power, she was incognizant of the fact that wherever she went, death was inevitably the consequence. Yet she had never desired such ruimation, and, when she at last learned the truth, the angel sealed herself away with fetters wrought by her own hand. She had almost been completely lost to the flow of time when her first visitor, who little understood the destruction that would follow her release, appeared before her.


Added on February 20, 2015 as a highest final Ranking reward during Battle Royale XXXI Event, altogether 230+ cards:

  • Final BR point rank 6-75 (x2), 76-165.
  • Guild BR point rank 1-6 (x2), 7-15.

Name originEdit

Magdalena is a Czech, Dutch, English, German, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Scandinavian, Slavic, and Spanish feminine name, Latinate form of German, Danish, English and Greek Magdalene of Hebrew origin. The meaning is "woman of Magdala", referring to the village on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee, north of Tiberias; the place name is itself from the Hebrew word migdal "tower".

Additional InfoEdit

EX is featured on the banner of Battle Royale XXXI Event.

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