Mysterium Holder Leicia


A parasitical mass of steel in Leicia's right hand thrummed with life. Herself of noble blood and ignorant to the ways of the world, she was unsure if the chance encounter with the enigmatic weapon was a blessing or a curse. Though the interminable drudgery of protocol was tiresome, she was neither a thrillseeker by nature. Afraid that obtaining such power meant that she was to use it in battle, she pleaded with all her might to avoid such a perilous fate.


Name originEdit

Leicia is a rare variant of feminine name Leticia; appears as Letitia, Letizia and other spelling variants in different languages, derived from the Latin greeting laetitia "joy, happiness", "gladness", "delight", also the name Roman goddess of fertility and abundance. It appeared in the form "Lettice" in medieval England and in "Leticia" as a synonym for "happiness" in ancient Spanish, but they are rarely used today.

Additional InfoEdit

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