Scholastus, the City of Books, housed various texts from around the world. It was a massive metropolis populated solely by "stories" and the Master Scribe, Motty. She possessed the mysterious ability to interact with fictional worlds, yet she took great care not to drastically alter them. Her deep love of literature caused her to consider tampering with completed stories to be tantamount to blasphemy.


Added on May 23, 2014 during Tome of Mystaria Raid Event.

  • Individual Final Ranking Reward 31-60, 60-100, 201-300, 501-800, 1,201-1,999, 2,000-2,999, 3,001-4,999.
  • Guild Final Ranking Reward 1, 2-6, 21-50.
  • Find and defeat (Skill) Vengeful Blade Apparition.
  • 200 Bosses Repell Reward.

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