Moria, Chaining Hatred


Moria, loyal to the marquis, ever sought out intense emotions of malice, for they were most effective in spreading death and madness, which in turn spawned even more animosity. He had the power to amplify the grudges that festered within the minds of men to staggering proportions, and there were nothing he found more enjoyable than watching the smallest hatred swell into pernicious bloodlust.


Added on July 17, 2015 as a reward during The Fallen Land Odyssey Event:

  • Achieving 50 victories in the Test of Strength.
  • Final rank 351-550 (x2), 551-100 (x2), 1001-1550 (x2), 1501-2000, 2001-3000 (x2), 3001-4000 (x2), 4001-5000.
  • Guild rank 21-50.

Name originEdit

Moria can be spelled Moira, Morea, Moriae, Moriah, Morya. Moriah usually refers to biblical Mount Moriah and other related terms

Additional InfoEdit

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