Misery, Phantomic Princess


"How boring." Misery said sulking, fiddling around with a doll. She was aware that during each Halloween festivals were held on the surface, and humans and monsters alike hosted great banquets in celebration. She, however, had been forbidden from going outside by her father, and there was nothing she could do but to torment the spectral guards. They had little choice but to placate Misery, for if she were allowed to venture up to the night's frivolity, something terrible could occur.


Added on October 30, 2014 as a part of Halloween Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Miss Misery is a fictional comic book character from DC Comics/Wildstorm. Gretchen McDonald was a very normal girl; an excellent student and kind to all. When she got older, Gretchen fell ill and doctors could find no cause for her illness. When she heard a male nurse tell another that her illness was all just in her head, she became furious and kicked him. She was surprised to feel better afterwards and began to seek therapy, but therapy didn't help either. Finally, an odd idea came to her: she had felt better when she had hurt another. She thrives on evil, increasing her health and strength when behaving amorally, while becoming weaker and sicker when doing the right thing.

Additional InfoEdit

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