Miraculite Holder Hyudel


Hyudel had done something unforgivable: She had brought the precious heavenly mineral, Miraculite, down from the Heavens. The stone had the power to free the suffering from their ailments completely, and she had sought to spare the sinners from theirs. Yet, as she dove from the heavens, Miraculite in hand, the righteous spears of her fellow angels followed close behind to punish her.


Added on July 6, 2014, as Ranking Reward for Heroes Colosseo XIII:

  • Class S: 51-80 (x2), 81-110.
  • Class A: 401-800 (x2).
  • Class B: 4-15, 151-250.
  • Class C: 51-100 (x2).
  • ATK/DEF combo reward - 200 ATK wins and 120 DEF wins.

Name originEdit

Miraculite was a crystalline entity created by friction in the gaps between two realities, also known as a bivarity anomaly quartz in Doctor Who.

"Miraculite Minerals" is an american company and a trademark which provide mineral supplements for therapeutic purposes.

Additional InfoEdit

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