Mighty King Krozas


When a power struggle broke out within the empire, Krozas was forced to abdicate the throne. It was not long before he led a host of troops to reclaim what was his. But the losses he sustained in the attempt wounded him to the core. Seeing how despondent their sovereign had grown, his retainer attempted to lift his dejected spirits. "Your Majesty, have you heard of the Everstone? It is said that whoever obtains it becomes as powerful as a god. The details are murky, but surely it would help you reclaim the throne..."


During League of Shadows Odyssey Event:

  • Given for defeating Mighty King Krozas Boss.
  • Individual Final Ranking Reward 7,001 - 10,999, 10,001 - 14,999.
  • Guild Final Ranking Reward 201 - 500.

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