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  • I was born on March 10
  • My occupation is Gaming/College
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    • Two questions:

      1: Cards where there are discrepencies between ios/droid and droid isn't posted could I add the droid parts to the page in a different template. ex: top template contains ios card with ios stated above it, then scroll down and droid ver. is there.

      2: On the rare pricing would it be okay to add droid prices in () and make a note at the top of the page? 

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    • both are good questions.  

      1. I would actually recommend creating new pages.  If you look at the Ultra Rare price guides, there is one for iOS and one for Android.  I created the Android one by simply copying the entire page from the iOS one, then changing the relevant data.  When you create a page - the name will be used to search for it as well, so I would suggest, for example: Fire Rare Price Guide (Android)

      2. Here again I would recommend creating a new page.  You can use the example for the new Skill 12 Raid cards - there is a page for the Skill 10 version and another for the skill 12 version.  Example: (Uprising) Cloaked Sage Heloise and (Uprising) Cloaked Sage Heloise Sk12

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